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Securic is one of the largest consulting firms, with professionals across 9 offices in UK, Europe, and Asia. Since 1993, we have provided expertise in Advertising & Branding, Education, Insurance. Fortune Global companies and government agencies worldwide. Our internal experts together with our network of affiliated experts from academia, industry, and government offer our clients exceptional breadth and depth of expertise.

Best Solutions since 1993


Our Mission

We aim to be the leaders in the services we offer by setting a benchmark in professional and ethical standards.

Our Vision

To provide professional services through a process and research-oriented approach with an eye for continuous improvement and value addition.

Our Values

Integrity: We position integrity as our highest value and fundamental to our business for building trust.

Professionalism: Our sense of pride lies in professionally delivering services.

Innovation: In order to add value, we always strive to innovate.

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our strategy

Strategy is at the Heart of What We Do

Our teams work on complex business problems in a variety of industries, including health care, technology, financial services, and more. Our work for leading law firms, Fortune companies, global health care corporations, and government agencies includes large-scale antitrust and securities class actions, intellectual property disputes, and valuations of multibillion-dollar investments.

We collaborate with leading academic experts to translate economic theory into real-world legal and business practice. Our teams use their skills in economics, finance, health analytics and outcomes, and strategy to analyze antitrust, securities fraud, patent infringement, environmental impact, and merger disputes.

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